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The successor of the Galaxy A6 could already support wireless loading. The successor of the Galaxy A6 could already support wireless loading. With the Galaxy A7, Samsung has already introduced a mid-range smartphone with a triple camera – even before a top device from the manufacturer with three lenses has been released. Apparently, the manufacturer will continue to pay more attention to its affordable models. Upcoming A-series smartphones are expected to support fast wireless charging.

Samsung apparently wants to gradually equip all its smartphone series with a wireless charging function, as PhoneArena reports. According to this, future Galaxy A and Galaxy J smartphones should also have this feature. In addition, a low-cost charging pad should appear, which allegedly costs the equivalent of 20 dollars and charges devices with up to 10 watts.

Unveiling of the loading pad in October?

At the latest, the low-cost charging pad should provide an indication that Samsung wants to offer wireless charging for a more price-conscious target group. Probably not without reason: Especially in the middle class Samsung has to deal with ever stronger competition. According to this, it would only be understandable if the company’s low-cost smartphones were equipped with top-of-the-range features in order to assert themselves on the market. For example, the Infinity Display, introduced with the top model Galaxy S8, has already made it into the Galaxy A series – albeit without curved sides. The Top 5 Qi Ladegeräte you’ll find on that site.

Samsung may soon be introducing the low-cost charging pad along with mid-range devices that offer wireless charging: An event is scheduled for October 11, 2018, which is expected to unveil the Galaxy A9s. The smartphone will even have four camera lenses on the back. The manufacturer could also show the Galaxy A6s (previously known as the Galaxy P30). Rumor has it that the smartphone has a fingerprint sensor in the display. Also take a view on more Qi Ladegerät.